Your Master Coaching Program

For Yourself but not by Yourself
The foundation of the Master Coaching program are The Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer & The Universal Practice Builder Programs.  Most of what you will be coached on is included in your Manuals and DVDs.  Our primary focus will be your marketing plan.  You need to translate your goals clearly into an actionable marketing plan.  However, knowing it and doing it are two different things, and your coaching program helps you turn instruction into action.
You take what YOUR COACH KNOWS and transform it into what YOU DO. This transfer of skill follows a path from your head (WHAT YOU LEARN) to your heart (WHAT MOTIVATES YOU) to your hands (WHAT YOU DO).  Success then, depends on the flow of the strategies, principles, techniques, skills and knowledge from HEAD to HEART to HANDS.
In our initial session we will focus on WHERE YOU WANT TO BE and set goals and benchmarks that will get you there.  How many clients do you want?  How much do you want to make? How quickly do you want to get there?  Second, we focus on WHERE YOU ARE.  What is your current situation?  What do we have to work with?  How much do you already know? What are you already doing?  Third, we will review and revise your marketing plan.  This will be our living, working document throughout the program.
Once we have established where you are and where you want to be, the primary focus of the program becomes WHAT YOU DO.  Based on your objectives, you will commit to complete certain assignments each week.  As you commit, it’s important to remember that you are not just committing to complete these tasks with your coach, but you are, more importantly, committing with yourself to complete them.  Successful people build the HABIT of making and keeping the right commitments to themselves.  People who remain less successful than they desire usually have a HABIT of letting themselves off the hook for commitments they make to themselves.  Your coach will make it very difficult for you to waffle on your commitments to yourself.
Along the way, we will introduce to you a deeper understanding of Universal Accounting principles that help clarify their application to your specific situation.  You will also learn much by doing.  By actually completing your assignments each week, you are learning and applying practices that will lead to your success.  You are building habits that will assure your success.
Each week, we will cover the following in your coaching sessions:

  • A review of previous weeks’ assignments
  • What you learned from DOING the assignments – what worked, what didn’t and why.
  • What obstacles you discovered and what you can do about them.
  • A review of your progress toward your objectives.
  • New principles, strategies and skills that you need to acquire in order to overcome obstacles and progress toward your objectives.
  • Realistic assignments for the upcoming week.
  • Scheduling the date and time of your next appointment.
  • Quantification of contacts, appointments set, presentations made, and new clients.

Your success will be directly proportional to the importance you place on completing your assignments each week.  Each assignment is designed to establish the skills, attitudes and habits required to succeed.

Starting and growing an accounting practice can be both exciting and frightening even among the most confident. Having an expert at your side to guide and encourage you through this process will enable you to take the steps more quickly, and with greater confidence.
Universal Accounting Coaches uniquely focus on working motivated accounting and bookkeeping and tax professionals to establish and grow their practices. These seasoned professionals know how to implement the proven marketing strategies that are designed to get you off and running in three to six months.
During your initial session with your Coach, you will design a step by step plan that will meet your personal goals, identify potential obstacles, and coach you on ways to hurdle them. Then, at a time that is convenient for you, the Coach will meet with you through 12 weekly coaching sessions and will:

  • Assess completion of weekly assignments
  • Track progress toward your goals
  • Identify successes and challenges
  • Provide coaching and consulting to overcome the challenges
  • Coach you on appropriate marketing strategies, methods and techniques
  • Guide you in making commitments for assignments for the following week.



By the end of your coaching program, if you have done your part, you will:

  • Gain hands on experience in implementing proven marketing strategies, methods and techniques specifically designed for the accounting practice.
  • Obtain your target in terms of income and client base.
  • Establish a marketing formula, statistically valid and duplicatable.
  • Develop the habit of making and keeping appropriate commitments to yourself.

If you have ever disappointed yourself by failing to follow through on a life changing commitment, or just want more expertise than you currently have, Universal Accounting Master Coaching is the program that can assure your success!
Fill out the following brief questionnaire to determine what the Master Coaching Program can do for you.

  • Are you launching your practice within 30-60 days?
  • Are you willing and able to invest $250-$300 per month, if necessary, to grow your practice?
  • Are you willing to spend at least 10 hours per week of your time focused on marketing your practice?
  • Have you finished the Professional Bookkeeper certification program or if not finished, willing and able to finish Module IV, Chapters 4 and 5 prior to counseling with our Master Coach?
  • Are you able to take complete responsibility and accountability for your success – the pain of your failures as well as the glory of your successes?
  • Are you teachable and willing to take direction from a mentor?
  • Are you willing to do what you say you will do?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, congratulations. You fit the profile of the students that have had great success with our Master Coaching program.
This is an extraordinary opportunity. Here is a field that offers not only an easier and more affordable entry into the workforce than any career you can name, but also it offers these advantages:
1. Immediate & substantial gains
2. Personal prestige & professional satisfaction
3. Flexible working conditions to accommodate your lifestyle and personal goals
Best of all, the demand for service and expertise increases year after year at a rate that exceeds the supply of qualified professionals in the field. At the same time, here is a profession that is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, or previous work experience. Plus, it calls for a minimal financial investment on your part.

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