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Roger Knecht, President and CEO of Universal says, “Sometimes we can be our worst enemies with self-doubt, procrastination and not understanding our personal strengths and weaknesses. As Universal Accounting Center works with individuals, improving their accounting and business careers, this is the right thing to also offer to help them excel and succeed.”

The Coaching that Universal offers is technical, helping students certify their accounting skills such as becoming a:BusinessCard-PB-PTP-QS

Professional Bookkeeper

Professional Tax Preparer

Universal also provide mentoring in marketing as well to help them start and/or build their accounting practices. This gives students the confidence to offer quality small business accounting services. The coaching also gives them the tools and support to effectively market to small businesses and retain them as clients. Sometimes the students need one more support system because of personal insecurities or tendencies to procrastinate. For this reason Universal is excited to further assist student success by partnering with Brandon Barber Coaching.

Universal Accounting Center (UAC), the nation’s largest training organization for small business accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation, has announced a strategic partnership with Brandon Barber Coaching, provider of professional assessment and coaching services.

Roger says, “Coaching is key to the success of any professional. They ask for clarity, hold us accountable and give us perspective that each of us need reach our true potential.”

Brandon Barber Coaching aims to identify professional strengths and barriers so that professionals can enhance their careers and discover their authentic selves. This partnership will entitle Universal students to discounts with Brandon Barber Coaching.

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Joe Rangel, head coach at Brandon Barber Coaching, explains, “It’s all about how a person thinks. It is the key to create any success in your life. And because of what I’ve discovered through 15 years of experience…I can teach others how to do the same. Brandon Barber Coaching will help professionals create the breakthrough they’re looking for.”

Roger agrees, stating, “To become my best personally and professionally, I’ve worked with Joe and can say that he has helped me achieve goals and become more who I want to be.”

For more than 15 years, Brandon Barber has served as an adviser to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, Brandon has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people through public speaking engagements, live events and one-on-one personal coaching.

UACAbout Universal Accounting
Universal Accounting is a Salt Lake City based training center offering accounting, bookkeeping and income tax training to students throughout the world. Universal skills are taught through its patented home-study training, allowing students to learn at their own pace. More information about Universal Accounting can be found by calling or by visiting

Brandon Barber CoachingAbout Brandon Barber Coaching
Brandon Barber Coaching offers professional coaching services that are designed to identify strengths and barriers in just one session! From there, clients are able to discover the authentic, remarkable selves that they have only imagined they could be. Brandon Barber offers independent student, group, and one-on-one coaching. More information about Brandon Barber Coaching can be found by calling or by visiting

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