Why You Need a Coach

Why so Many Students Benefit from Hiring a Coach!

We’ve all said it. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then tomorrow comes, life happens, and we put off doing those very things that are necessary for us to live the life we want.

One comment I consistently hear from our coaching graduates is that they get more accomplished in much shorter periods of time. Because the coaching process requires them to set realistic weekly goals for which they are held accountable, the net result is a significant increase in accomplishing what it takes to succeed.

We all know what we know. Crazy as it sounds, success comes when we understand the difference between what we know and what we don’t know. True success comes in discovering what you don’t know and then applying it to your business.

This is especially true when it comes to promoting your business. For example, water is just “really hot” at 211 degrees. At 212 degrees, only 1 degree greater, the water is converted into steam which rises above its current state. This same phenomenon holds true in promoting your business. Working with a coach, you will rise to greater heights as you discover what you didn’t know about effective marketing that you can then implement to make more money. So often we have just enough knowledge and experience to get us into trouble. We are “really close” to succeeding. Unfortunately, “really close” does not put money into our bank accounts.

The coaching process works to place each student on the “best path” to business success, thus ensuring that the student is doing the right things for their unique situation in the most effective manner. This eliminates the wasting of all that valuable time using the “shotgun approach” which incorporates bits and pieces of different promotional methods in a manner that results in poor sales and lower revenues.

Success in marketing is much like success in cooking. By following the instructions in a proven recipe, you are relatively assured that your end result will be a success. But when you forget to mix in one of the ingredients, use the wrong amount, or add something in at the wrong time, you can be relatively assured that your end result will be a failure.

A coach provides a wealth of knowledge that includes which recipes work best with which students; they also have a key understanding of which ingredients ensure success.

In truth, today there are no shortcuts to lasting success. The saying that “all your ducks need to be in a row” in order to succeed has never been more true than in the current economic environment. There is only one way to succeed and that is by doing the right things in the right way, leaving nothing to chance. That is exactly what coaching does for the Universal student.

Mathematically, coaching will cost you what you might make from one client. Looking at it from another perspective, how many potential clients do you lose without a coach and the marketing know-how that enables you to do the right things in the right way? What is the cost of marketing improperly for one year? How many clients and how much money do you lose by not learning how to properly promote your business and secure clients?

The majority of our students, as they keep their weekly commitments, recapture their initial investment in just one to two months. And from then on, all that profitability is just money in the bank.

It is my observation that the Universal Coaching Program is the most results-driven product or service offered to our students at this time. It is the combination that will open the safe which holds the money that could be yours when you achieve true success in this business.

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