Qualifying Questions

Fill out the following brief questionnaire to determine what the Master Coaching Program can do for you.

  • Are you launching your practice within 30-60 days?
  • Do you need new accounting and/or Bookkeeping clients? (x per month, x in the next 12 months)
  • Are you willing and able to invest $200-$300 per month, if necessary, to grow your practice?
  • Are you willing to spend at least 10 hours per week of your time focused on
    marketing your practice?
  • Are you teachable and willing to take direction from a mentor?
  • Are you willing to do what you say you will do?
  • Are you a student of the Professional Bookkeeper™ Program, PB
  • Finish the Professional Bookkeeper™ certification program or if not finished, complete or review PB Module IV, Chapters 4 and 5 prior to counseling with our Master Coach?
  • Are you a student of the Universal Practice Builder Program
  • Finish or review the Universal Practice Builder™ Program prior to counseling with our Master Coach?
  • Are you able to take complete responsibility and accountability for your success – the pain of your failures as well as the glory of your successes?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, congratulations.  You fit the profile of the students that have had great success with our Master Coaching program.
CALL 877-833-7909 AND MENTION THIS OFFER for a free 30 minutes coaching session and assessment regarding your accounting and tax practice.

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