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Here at Universal Accounting Center, we pride ourselves in the quality of support and coaching we offer our students. Our proprietary curriculum, developed and perfected over three decades, properly trains individuals in the practical application of accounting & tax principles for small business and provides them with the confidence and competence they need to best serve their employers and clients. In addition to that training, each student has access to more than one individual that helps ensure their understanding and application of the principles taught.
These are just a few of those special individuals:

Scott McKinley is the Marketing Services Manager for Universal Accounting Center, and a primary presenter at Universal Client Generator small business seminars. He is the lead Marketing Coach for Universal students, coaching them through the process of developing and implementing their marketing plans, developing and refining their sales and marketing skills and attitudes of success, and planning and conducting successful business to business seminars. Scott has a broad background in sales and marketing and management, including retail, telephone marketing, and business development. His infectious enthusiasm and natural speaking talent makes him a favorite presenter at Universal Accounting events.
Scott McKinley has worked at Universal Accounting Center (UAC) since 2006. As the Marketing Services Manager he coaches students one-on-one as they develop and implement marketing plans, refine their sales skills and conduct successful business seminars.
Each Universal student receives 6 to 12 months of student-initiated coaching upon enrollment. Scott oversees all those calls related to marketing and helps students use proven Universal strategies to create customized marketing plans that meet their unique needs. He also manages other Universal coaches as they work with students.
In addition to the traditional coaching students receive with each training program, Universal also has a Master Coaching program through which individuals receive 12 weeks of more focused mentoring that helps them set and achieve goals, complete special assignments, and roll play presentations and networking conversations as they launch their own accounting and/or tax practices. Scott is also responsible for managing these student interactions as well. He explains, “This is different from the student initiated calls that come in on a daily basis. We have had tremendous success with our Master Coaching program, and it is something I am very proud to be involved with.”
Scott also travels throughout North America as the primary presenter at Universal’s small business seminars which introduce attendees to UAC and key marketing strategies they can use to start their own accounting and/or tax practices. His infectious enthusiasm and natural speaking talent make him a favorite presenter at Universal Accounting events.
His favorite aspect of his job can be found in working with Universal students. He says, “Each one of our students is unique. Some are new to the accounting industry and require extra coaching… Some have degrees in accounting with years of experience. Some are unemployed. Many have families and are trying to juggle their personal lives and a new career. However the one thing they all have in common is an excitement and passion for accounting. And if they are working with me, that means they have a need for marketing training. That’s where I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned in my many years with Universal Accounting…”
Scott has a broad background in sales and marketing and management, including retail, telephone marketing, and business development. In fact, before working at Universal, he was the Operations Manager at Dillard’s where he had been employed for 10 years.
Born in the California bay area, Scott eventually landed in South Jordan, Utah where he currently lives with his wife and three children, ages 15, 5 and ten months. In those rare instances where they have free time, they enjoy spending it together swimming, playing board games and relaxing on their patio.
Rick Howard is a senior marketing coach with Universal Accounting.  Rick has been involved with the Master Coaching program since it’s conception and has worked with hundreds of students in the process of starting and successfully marketing their practices.  Ricks open honest communication has helped him to develop a  trusting relationship with each of the coaching students he has mentored.  His clear understanding of Universal’s marketing methods, mixed with his natural ability to teach combined with a strong sense of humor make him one of the top coaches in the program.
Rick Howard is Universal Accounting Center’s Senior Marketing Coach, Rick’s Hands-on Experience Make Him a Valuable Coach and Mentor.
Rick Howard worked in retail sales and management for 11 years before coming to Universal Accounting Center (UAC) .  In this capacity, Rick works with students one-on-one to help them develop marketing plans so they can establish thriving businesses.
Rick involvment with the Master Coaching program which allows for more intensive student mentoring over a 12-week period during which time students set and achieve goals, complete special assignments, and roll play presentations and networking. Rick explains, “I enjoy when students see success from their hard work. …Universal students are all people just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. It’s gratifying when we can help them achieve that.”
Rick’s open honest communication has helped him develop trusting relationships with each of the coaching students he has mentored. His clear understanding of Universal’s marketing methods, mixed with his natural ability to teach and strong sense of humor make him one of the top coaches in the program.
Heather Weiler, who recently completed the Master Coaching program, had a great experience working with Rick. She says, “Rick always called promptly, and it was always pleasant to speak with him. Our sessions felt more like a conversation with an old friend who really wanted to help my business to succeed, rather than being run through a checklist of ‘to-do’s’ by some executive who clearly didn’t want to be stuck dealing with such small-scale business.”
Imogene also successfully completed the Master Coaching program with Rick. In a thank-you email, she wrote: “Rick, your personal business insight was refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciated when you challenged the status quo and guided me down new directions that I feared and hadn’t thought of. It was evident how passionate you were about what you do, from every phone meeting, email or follow-up. You are very knowledgeable, reliable, caring and customer-oriented.”
Rick thoroughly enjoys working at Universal and the people he’s able to associate with there. He says, “From the get go the people at UA have been great. I’ve always felt like I’m thought of and that my ideas and opinions matter.”
Rick, the middle of 5 children, was born in Wilmington, NC but then moved to Utah with his family when he was five years old. However, a few years ago he was given the opportunity to move back, and UAC has allowed him to work remotely from North Carolina for the past three years. In his spare time, Rick enjoys sports, especially football, basketball and baseball.
DSC_4986Ken Bostrom is an approachable, warm, and comfortable style makes him a favorite among students.
As the son of Alf Bostrom, founder of Universal Accounting Center (UAC), Ken first began working for UAC teaching computer classes in 1987. While Ken has worked in several of the industries currently taught at Universal, his focus has been on management and teaching, which he loves. In fact, he has over 20 years experience teaching accounting and accounting software programs.
In 1992, Ken officially joined the Universal staff and saw the company grow from a small local vocational training school into an international company with clients as far away as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Ken has been instrumental in all aspects of the company’s growth.
As Vice President of Administration, Ken developed and implemented systems that resulted in consistent double-digit growth rates for Universal. As these systems have been adapted to our clients’ practices, they have been able to use emerging technology to earn more income in less time. As a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor, Ken brings years of hands-on experience to the field of small business office automation. He has also created and assisted in the creation of several accounting and software courses.
Ken has conducted seminars nationwide with presentations focusing on creating automated systems that stimulate growth. Some of his seminars include “Conquer Stagnation through Office Automation” and “Start Your Own Successful Accounting Service.” Ken explains, “The advancement of computer technology and business software programs has made systems development and implementation affordable and easy for even the smallest business. Small accounting firms can enjoy many, if not all of the systems the largest accounting firms are using.”
Ken now focuses on his work as a Universal speaker, trainer, and Master Coach. This change, however, was a logical choice as Ken had been an instructor at the Salt Lake City school for 15 years where he has personally taught, coached, and consulted thousands of accountants and bookkeepers on how to start and grow their practices. Ken says, “I love teaching. I love to help people and see the lights come on. [As a coach] it is fun when students will call and I can see that they are reaching their goals with the training and support that they have received.”
Ken’s approachable, warm, and comfortable style makes him a favorite among students and seminar attendees. He is sought out for his ability to make complex topics understandable and fun. Many students tell us how grateful they are to have worked with Ken. For example, Sandy says, “I love Universal Accounting. I am so happy that I found them! I completed both courses and I have 5 clients. I work a small part-time job as well. I took on one client that has been a real challenge but with the coaching program and Ken Bostrom’s help I am feeling like I can take on difficult clients. There is so much to learn and I feel it has opened up a whole new future! I have owned my own business for the last 20 years and learned things I wish I would have known way back when! Everyone is so nice to work with, very nice people!!!”
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ken has lived in California, Arizona and Sweden. He currently resides in Sandy with his wife and five children, two girls and three boys. In his spare time, Ken likes to travel and fish.

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