Experts Academy

Master Coaching Program Objectives:

1.   To accelerate and multiply the growth of your practice through extensive coaching and facilitation of your marketing plan.

2.   To establish you as a marketing champion; you become your own Client Generator.

The Universal Practice Builder Program is like drivers training in accounting marketing.

The Universal Practice Builder

MASTER COACHING PROGRAM is advanced drivers training with our team at YOUR track – your crew chief is your Master Coach, but you are still the DRIVER!

Welcome to your Universal Practice Builder Master Coaching Program!

The Master Coaching Program is the pinnacle of services Universal Accounting Center offers its students.  It is a premier program that includes intensive marketing and sales coaching designed to help you develop your own marketing skills, and actual marketing services that will jump start your practice.  We partner with you to ensure you get more clients, more quickly.  To “partner” means we each play a “part” in your success.  So let’s look first at what Universal Accounting brings to this partnership.

We often get intimidated some one else and try to think how they are better than us. Try to copy them to look cool like them or get that attention. This makes us neglect all the tremendous potential we have in our self. Small errors make us loose confidence in our self. Joel explains more …

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