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Hi. My name is Allen Bostrom, CPA and President of Universal Accounting.

Welcome to the Universal tour. Since 1979 we have focused on the practical day-to-day application of the accounting process within small business.

We recognize that in the business world profit margins are too tight to let the bookkeeping, accounting and tax be ignored. In the next few minutes you’ll learn about the performance tools and curriculum Universal created to help businesses reduce taxes, increase profits, and put more money in the bank.

During this presentation you will be invited to access additional information about the great opportunities Universal offers. Below you will see different icons that will be mentioned during the tour; if there are any you would like to learn more about, click on them at any time.

Each of the icons below will transfer you to a new page providing more information on the corresponding topic. If you wish to return to the tour, just exit that screen and you’ll be brought right back to where you left off.

Hi, I’m Roger Knecht,

Universal has helped tens of thousands start and build their own successful accounting and tax services, giving them the lifestyles they’ve always dreamed of.

If having a successful home-based accounting or tax practice is your preference, then find out how you can by clicking on the icons that looks like this. Each will teach you what you wanted to know about starting and operating your own profitable accounting and tax practice.

If you’re seeking a larger practice, then you’ll be interested in the Art and Science of Getting New Clients. It will introduce you to the Universal Practice Builder Workshop.

In two days you’ll learn how the science makes it certain and the art makes it easy in getting new clients. Furthermore, with Universal’s Client Generator program you’ll be guaranteed over $100,000 in new client business in just one year. You’ll gain the confidence and the skill to attract clients as a profit expert using our proven marketing systems that are profitable.

If one of these options is right for you, then click below and learn how you can turn dreams into reality.

Hello, I’m Miriam Coons,

Every day, we have the opportunity to hear feedback from graduates of the Universal Accounting programs. These students are thrilled by the experiences they are having with the training that they have received.

Over the years, and with the permission of just a few of these graduates, we have captured many personal interviews covering a number of different topics.

If you would like to hear what past students of Universal’s programs have to say about their experiences, click on the link below that looks like this. You can spend as much time here as you would like. When you’re done, just exit the screen and you’ll come right back to where you left off.

Hi. I’m Ken Bostrom,

Education in bookkeeping and accounting gave life to Universal in 1979. Since that time our course offerings have expanded to include a variety of options always with the bookkeeper and accountant in mind. Whether you prefer traditional classroom instruction or independent study, we offer hands-on, practical training that is only available through Universal.

Our mission statement helps to clarify this focus. We work:

To equip students with the education, skills and confidence needed to enjoy a successful career in full-charge accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

Designations and Certifications in the accounting profession demonstrate an individual’s commitment to excellence. To learn more about how you can earn the Professional Bookkeeper, the Professional Tax Preparer, or the QuickBooks Specialist™ designations, click on the icons below.

To learn more about Universal and our other great programs, click Continue and remember,
“If it’s about Accounting, it’s Universal”

Hi, I’m Cari Dallof, one of the Academic Coaches here at Universal Accounting. Supervisor

Imagine staying on top of current business topics and having complete access and additional resources to continue your education. Universal has developed a number of targeted newsletters to help you stay on top of your profession.

Whether you are looking to improve your career, move forward in this profession, get the pay raise you want, start or build an accounting and tax practice or simply get paid what you are worth, you’ll want to sign up for one or more of these.

For a list of the newsletters, and to start receiving them today, click on this icon.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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Hi. My name is David Sherwood,

Let me introduce you to the Universal Business Model. It demonstrates how every business can organize itself to be more profitable. For most accountants, this may be a reaffirmation of their role in business as being proactive and involved. For business owners and managers it is nothing less than a paradigm shift that will change any company and office into being a profit center with clear goals and focus.

The Universal Business Model, as presented in our CEO’s book, “In the Black, Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable,” will teach you the key components of a business’s success, and how to introduce those to any business.

To learn more about the Universal Business Model and how you can help a business be “In the BLACK,” or how to take a business from Red to Black in 30 Days click on the icons below.

Remember, “If it’s about Accounting, it’s Universal”

Hi, I’m Chelsey Perea, Senior Enrollment.

In today’s uncertain business climate, continuing education is the key to individual career success, advancement, and job security. At Universal Accounting, we believe individuals are in need of short-term, highly effective training that provides hands-on instruction in the fields of accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Our exclusive short-term courses do just that.

For years, we have been asked to create a community for accountants and now it exists for you. Universal sponsors a public forum created for anyone involved in accounting and tax preparation. Imagine staying on top of current business topics and having complete access to a pool of experts who can offer help and advice whenever you need it.

Register now and become a part of this growing group of financial professionals. To begin using the
Forum today, click on this icon below.

Hi, I’m Clay Neves; that’s seven spelt backwards, and if you didn’t care, too late.

Even with various Universal campuses we’re not everywhere, so we reach out to other communities by coming to you. We have many seminars and workshops that we offer year-round. With hundreds of these events scheduled every year, we meet thousands of new people that want to improve their professional opportunities through continued training.

Yes, with all of the training that we offer we also have staff that can travel to specific events, such as conferences, and provide onsite training. These professionals represent Universal and are not only informative and compelling, but also fun. We present topics related to getting paid what you are worth, becoming a profit and growth expert, moving a business in the black and much, much more. For a list of our dynamic speaker pool and the topics they can address to help your organization, as well as when we will be in your neighborhood next click on these icons below.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know us. I trust that in the past few minutes you have learned something new about Universal Accounting. When we began the tour, I said that Universal is committed to helping businesses become more profitable. If there is more that we can help you with, either individually or as a business, we invite you to contact us.

Go to the About Us section of the site for more information and remember this: “If it’s about accounting, it’s Universal.”

We would like to hear from you. Please email us at
or create a ticket in our ticket system and we will get right back to you.

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