Accounting & Bookkeeping Success Stories

A little ingenuity can go a long way

I’ve spent years in the classroom, helping people get started with an accounting and bookkeeping service, and it never ceases to amaze me how easy it can be to acquire clients. Once you’ve read the examples below, from people just like you, you too will be amazed.
A student of mine decided to take a shot at newspaper advertising. Normally the newspaper isn’t the best place to start, but she had an idea. Instead of simply advertising her services she wrote: “If you’re having trouble with QuickBooks, give me a call at 555-5555.” Being well-experienced in QuickBooks, she decided to use her expertise to help others.
Did it work? You bet it did. She was receiving two to three calls per day. Many just wanted free advice. She didn’t mind, because there were enough that asked her to come in and help (which she charged $45 per hour to do). It more than made up for the ads. Plus, many of those to whom she gave free advice, kept her name and number and later called her up for more extensive help.
But, it didn’t stop with one visit. Quite often, those who wanted one-time help became regular clients. They would ask her to come back each month, just to make sure that they were doing it right, since they were good at data entry, but didn’t understand accounting. So, she would set them up on a small retainer that would vary from $75 to $300 per month, and each month drop by their office. Many of the visits were less than one hour long, so you can see that she was pretty excited by her results.
Last time I talked with her, she told me she has over 50 regular clients. Most of those came directly, or indirectly, from her QuickBooks Course work.
Let’s do the math. Assume that the average fee was $125/month (which she told me was pretty close).
50 clients X $125.00 = $6,250 per month.  That’s $75,000 per year.  Not bad for a part-time job.
By the way, this was one of the topics in my FREE weekly Accounting newsletter. You can see why they can give you some great ideas.
You may ask, “why would she share this idea when she knew I was going to tell everybody about it?” Because she’s happy where she’s at. She doesn’t want any more clients, so she quit advertising in the newspaper a while ago. Now, she’s going to settle back and enjoy life, while making enough money to keep herself and her husband happy. That’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it?
You don’t need a degree to make it in this business
A bewildered university student once approached me. She had heard the most “off-the-wall” comment from one of my graduates. This student had told her that you didn’t have to have a university degree to start a bookkeeping service.
That piqued her interest. She explained that she was a single mother that had been going to the university, in the accounting program, for over two years. Her whole purpose for getting the degree was so that she could do books for small businesses from her home. The cost of going to school wasn’t only financially draining, but the time away from her kids was starting to show in their actions. Isn’t it interesting that she was getting the degree for her family, but getting there was damaging to the family.
Furthermore, she was getting nervous. She explained that she was now a junior in the accounting program at the University, and realized that she didn’t have the foggiest idea how to set up, or maintain a set of books for a small business. And the further she went into college, the further she was getting from small business issues.
I explained to her that anyone that understands accounting can do books for small businesses on a contract basis. Probably, all she would need was a business license, and for a few dollars, she could pick that up. To say she got excited is an understatement!
A few weeks later I got a letter from her, wherein she commented that she was well underway to reaching her dreams.
Allen Bostrom
Chairman of the Board
Universal Accounting Center


We have received hundreds of phone calls, letters, and emails, from past graduates about the high quality of our articles, services, and teaching materials.  Read on to see what our graduates have to say about us.

“You’ll be glad to know that in the time since I completed the course, I have gone from 1 client, a friend of mine, to 27 clients in a matter of just 8 months. I’m finally realizing the potential that I always knew I had.”
V. A. VonTonder

“As an average for each client I am making about $30 – $50 an hour, I’ve been able to quit my full-time job. Thanks again to everyone at Universal Accounting Center! It has created for me a brighter outlook financially, as well as more free time in my personal life. And, I didn’t have to go to college for years and pay thousands of dollars for an education.”
S. Thomas

“The salary I was offered was $8,000 more per year than the previous job. And, I believe that my self-employment experience and Universal training were huge contributors to this job offer.”
C. Lepore

In four weeks, your course taught me everything, and I mean everything, I would need to know about starting my home bookkeeping business. I am making more money than I did when I was employed full-time and I arrange my schedule to fit my needs, not arrange my life to fit my job’s. I can honestly say, this was the best investment I have ever made in my life!”
S. Myers

“This is the best investment for the money and for my future.”
B. Davies

“This course has literally changed my life. When I started I hardly knew the difference between a debit and a credit. Now I have the confidence to tackle almost any type of business and do their books.”
A. Moody

“I was amazed how practical this course was, and surprised how much I learned. Having an accounting degree and over 12 years experience in accounting, I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know.”
P. Lufkin

“This class far exceeded my expectations.”
C. Levit

“I can’t believe the accounting knowledge covered in four short weeks. I spent years in school and did not get the same education I did this past month…”
L.C. Westergard

“Fulfilling and enjoyable.”
T. Oldham

“This was an excellent course.”
R. Chen

“I would recommend this course to anyone. A “AAA” rating.”
C.H.N. Johnson, CPA

” I knew nothing of accounting before I took this class and now I feel I have a good working knowledge of bookkeeping and starting a business.”
S. David

“Very well put together.”
B. Milano

“Since I graduated from BYU, it has always been my dream to have my own accounting business which I could operate from my home. I know that I now have the information and tools to do this.”
K.K. Ellers

“My current clients have recognized the changes and appreciate them greatly.”
S. Christensen

“You gave a stay-at-home-mom the knowledge and understanding of accounting needed to go out and get work that can be done from home.”
I. Snow

“The best part was that it gave me the courage and confidence to start my own business, which has been a dream of mine for years.”
C. Christensen

“The Small Business Accounting class was one of the most enjoyable and probably the most useful and practical I have ever taken. That includes the MBA I recently received.”
N. Lee

“Without the knowledge of the accounting course I received from UAC, I would have never landed this fabulous position.”
J. Eldridge

“Because of Universal Accounting we are financially doing great and our dreams are becoming reality.”
T. Brooke

“I was particularly impressed with your ability to make accounting concepts simple. I am surprised at how much I was able to learn from you in just four weeks.”
S. Patrick

“I can honestly say that the hands-on training from Universal Accounting Center was far more helpful than that of my degree program. The training I received in you class was superb, exactly what I needed for the type of accounting business I was trying to start. I have been so pleased with the training I received from you, that my two part-time employees are currently taking your course.”
S.A. Ivins

“The subject matter covered in your course has been invaluable. I have worked in the accounting field for the past six years; your course gave me the training and confidence I needed to advance in this area.”
G. Morton

“We would like to thank you for the opportunities you uncovered for us through your excellent accounting course.”
S. & C. Scharp & S. Young

“I learned a lot and feel better about myself because of it.”
J. Goold

“This course has been well worth the money. I am glad I took this class and am excited to start getting clients.”
L. Broadhead

“I’ve learned far more than I ever expected and feel very confident that my sister and I can make this happen.”
S. Moyers

“What a great class! When I graduated I felt confident I could do a set of books and financial statements for any small business.”
D. Bassett

“Universal Accounting Center has provided a great background and given me a starting point. I now feel confident and prepared.”
S.E. Butler-Gomez

“Accounting skills are powerful skills and I can see the great value to any industry. I am sure that I will use this new skill in whatever area I work in.”
B. Campbell

“This course is definitely NOT just an introductory course, although it is wonderful even for beginners. It is a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping course that truly taught me everything I would need to know to start my own accounting business, and gain clients with confidence.”
J. Young

“The hands-on training has made me extremely confident in my accounting and bookkeeping skills. This type of training is the key to being successful in the field of bookkeeping.”
M. McQuivey

“I wish I had taken this class before I opened my business. The knowledge gained would have been very useful. This course taught me accounting principles never taught in my college accounting courses.”
J. Tomlinson

“I learned a lot and it was a good investment in my future.”
B. Stracher

“Even with15 years of accounting background, I found myself learning something new nearly everyday.”
B. Varechok

“I learned more about managing a business in four short weeks than in many years of study and experience.”
L. Moyes

“This course took the mystery and fog away quickly and concisely. Great school and great philosophy of teaching!”
J. Rogers

“Great practical course providing you with the skills and self-confidence to go out and build your own bookkeeping/accounting service.”
B. Pace

“Having been a CPA in ‘Big 8 Firms’ and a top level executive in bluechip companies I especially appreciate your ability to simplify the subject. You definitely are providing a greatly needed service to people who are interested in being independent.”
D. Bird, CPA


“I learned so much more than the accounting classes I took in college. This gives you a lot of practical experience.”
V. Chmelka

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