Jacquie J. Trades

When Jacquie Johnston’s government job became redundant, and she was asked to relocate to ensure employment, she took a risk and turned down the position, deciding to stay in Vancouver in hopes of pursuing other leads.

In the process, she discovered the Universal Practice Builder (UPB) Program (a training course designed to help financial professionals launch their own practices) and decided to build her own business instead. Jacquie enrolled in the UPB program because she was already familiar with the Professional Bookkeeper™’s Guide to QuickBooks and was impressed with the thorough training it provided.

Now, some four years later, Jacquie and her partner manage a successful business that now boasts more than 30 clients. She explains, “In this business, clients come and go. Clarification: when you are starting your business you will take on anyone. As you learn how to manage your clients, you actually weed out the bad ones. ”

The UPB program gave Jacquie vital information on the actual process of launching her own practice. Most small businesses struggle with this on a daily basis, but the Universal Practice Builder Program gave her the ability to confidently shape not only her own future, but the future of other entrepreneurs.

In addition to the knowledge and skills Jacquie gained through Universal’s training, she believes her success has been propelled by a belief in herself and her accomplishments. She also feels her clients are drawn to “our integrity, reliability, and commitment.” Clients also seem to appreciate their ability to communicate in clear and simple language. “They also love the fact that we answer phone calls, emails and keep appointments in a very timely manner.”

When asked what advice she would give other Universal students, Jacquie says, “Stay with the program. It works and you will gain tremendous knowledge that you did not have before, even when you thought you did. It is geared for Success!!!!”

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