Edward Mwelwa

Edward Mwelwa Uses UAC Training to Follow His American Dream

Edward Mwelwa had over ten years bookkeeping experience in his native country of Zambia (South Africa) so when he immigrated to the United States in 2001, his dream was to eventually own and manage his own bookkeeping practice.

His first three years in the states were spent performing temporary jobs like landscaping, snow plowing, and housekeeping. In 2004 he secured a full-time position in production with Latex International, a bedding and pillow manufacturer in Shelton, Connecticut where he continues to work this day. In 2005, Edward’s family was finally able to join him in the states.

From 2008 to 2011 Edward worked to earn his associates degree in accounting, and shortly thereafter established his own tax preparation business on the side. But his passion for accounting propelled him forward in efforts to accomplish his dream of full-time self-employment.

Edward enrolled in UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper™ (PB)), Professional Bookkeeper™’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks, and Universal Practice Builder (UPB) programs. He explained, “The UAC package which offers both professional (practical and real life) training coupled with the UPB Program was the most ideal.”

Edward has since earned the Professional Bookkeeper™ and , designations and provides tax preparation services for more than 50 individual clients! He says, “Having recently expanded our services to include bookkeeping, my goal is to have between 10-20 small-business clients by the end of the year.” And seeing what Edward has accomplished thus far, there’s no doubt that he’ll also see the accomplishment of that dream in the near future.

Edward continues to enjoy benefits from his Universal training. He explains, “Having this real life and practical understanding of bookkeeping is a huge benefit I cannot understate. This has made it much easier for me to understand and resolve difficult bookkeeping entries using QuickBooks software.” He also appreciates “the fact that the program still provides resources I can fall back on to resolve challenging accounting problems.”

His favorite thing about managing his own business is “working independently, making decisions in managing the practice.” He also enjoys the financial rewards. “If I work hard and build a good, honest, and results-oriented reputation, my business will grow and my family will be good financially.”

Edward has worked tirelessly to achieve his dream. His advice to other Universal students is to remember “bookkeeping is a business of trust and whether you are studying to get employed or set up a practice, you have to work diligently and be a willing learner to succeed.”

Edward’s success recently garnered him some local notoriety when an article about his journey was published in the New Haven Register. There, one of his clients, James Murphy, described him as a conscientious worker who has prepared his taxes for the past two years. It’s this type of feedback that reflects on Edward’s strong work ethic and desire to succeed. When asked what his clients most appreciate about his services, Edward says, “I am able to reach out to them beyond just business as usual. Being a home-based business, they can reach me outside normal working hours when they have an urgent need.”

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