Jennifer Hernan

Jennifer Hernan had always wanted to launch her own practice, but having a baby in 2009 was just the catalyst she needed. Even though she loved her job at the time, she wanted to secure a future where she could work from home and be both mommy and career woman.
While she had already earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, she needed training that drilled deeper than corporate accounting and taught practical, day-to-day accounting for the small business; she needed a complete work down on how to manage a client’s accounts from scratch.
Jennifer enrolled in Universal Accounting Center’s Professional Bookkeeper™and Professional Professional Bookkeeper™’s Guide to QuickBooks programs.
UAC’s PB program trains students how to manage client accounts while also teaching how to effectively promote one’s services. The PBG helps students master QuickBooks accounting software so they can work more efficiently while ensuring accurate client data. Upon completing these programs, Jennifer earned professional designations, demonstrating her new-found expertise to current and prospective clients.
Up until this week, Jennifer has worked as a fulltime accountant with a handful of clients on the side. One of Jennifer’s clients recently offered her a contract position that will enable her to finally do what she’s always dreamed of doing: building a bigger business from home while spending more time with her daughter. In addition to the freedom of self-employment, Jennifer can now also enjoy the satisfaction of helping her clients achieve greater financial success.
Jennifer credits her accomplishment to “Determination, as well as the support from UAC staff.” She would routinely contact UAC’s master coaches for advice and encouragement, a valuable perk offered to all Universal students.
When asked what advice she would give other UAC students, Jennifer says, “Go for it! The program is well put together and the teachers are only a phone call or email away.”
This experience has not only altered the course of Jennifer’s career, but it’s also given her the confidence she needs to achieve true success as a freelance accountant.

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