Alecia Gale Builds a Solid Practice as a Single Mom

Alecia Gale was a stay-at-home mom and home-schooler, so when she became single unexpectedly, her priority was to find a job where she could work from home. Having worked as a bookkeeper before, she knew that starting her own financial practice was a likely possibility.

12 years later, and after completing Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper™ and Tax Preparer training programs, Alecia has a thriving financial practice with 9 regular accounting clients and even more who have her do their taxes every year. She makes a full-time salary and only works 23-25 hours per week.

She explains, “My favorite thing [about having my own practice] is my ability to run my own schedule. I adjust my clients so that I’m home when my kids get home; I volunteer in their classrooms, go to their school programs, drive them to lessons and …go pick them up if they’re sick at school. I vacation when I want to, and I take every Friday off.”

Having established a successful practice, Alecia and her family are able to enjoy all the perks of self-employment, including her ability to take them on lush vacations to Disneyland, Jamaica, and Hawaii. She lives a comfortable life supporting herself and her family as a single mom.

Alecia credits her solid client roster and financial success to Universal’s marketing techniques. After routinely using those strategies, she was able to secure clients who appreciate her expertise.

She says, “I think they love that they can call me anytime, any day, and know that they’re not on the clock like an attorney. I charge one flat fee for the month, and they use me as much or as little as they need. I answer every question and take care of every IRS letter or strange correspondence they receive on top of just doing their books. I think it’s very comforting to them to know they have a “go-to girl” in their corner. If I don’t know the answer to a question about their business, I’ll find out. Business owners are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and they need a good professional to lean on.”

Alecia has fortified her expertise with the Professional Bookkeeper™ designation and, after taking the Professional Tax Preparer™ course, even became an IRS Enrolled Agent, passing the EA exam the first time even though it only has a 40% pass rate.

When asked what advice she would give other Universal Accounting students, Alecia says, “Know your stuff. Learn and practice everything UAC teaches you, and then follow the marketing strategies to the letter. They’re already tested by people who know what they’re doing. It does work! Just plug away at it and keep that confident smile on your face!”

Alecia’s perseverance has enabled her to build a successful practice while supporting a family on her terms. She says, “It really didn’t take long to have more calls than I could handle, and I’ve even had to turn clients away a couple times.”

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  1. Lance D. Montgomery says:

    I have been out of work for a long time and need some type of tutorial in Accounting or Bookkeeping.

    Please Advise.
    Lance D. Montgomery

    • rknecht says:

      Hi Lance. Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry your career has been on hold for some time now. Give us a call and let’s see what background you have and what options you have to start moving forward. Call 800-343-4827.

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