Brian Hoiting

What did Universal Accounting’s Coaching do for me?

I have been in sales for over 30 years but decided to have an “open mind” and a “willing heart” to work with a coach at Universal Accounting – mainly because my boss paid for it and expected me to do it.  I had the privilege of having Rick Howard as my coach and thoroughly enjoyed it!

My job is to get bookkeeping clients for my accountant employer using the Bookkeeping Express (BKE) model of outsourcing.  It is one thing to read/listen to the UPB about the 12 marketing tips – it is another to be disciplined to actually do it.  Through Rick’s encouragement, I have completed 7 of the 12 marketing tips and continue to work towards all of the suggestions to build my business.

I must admit, I do not like role playing at all.  I had to do a presentation for Rick – fumbling away since I only had a chance to look at the book once.  Rick was so encouraging and offered suggestions for improvement in such a non critical way.  I now have a few presentations under my belt – and I get more confident every time I do it. I also use many of the benefits to the potential clients without opening the “presentation binder” – it depends on the feel of the interview and how receptive the potential client seems to be – this makes it more casual and genuine for me as well.

The same can be said about my 30 second commercial.  At Networking events, it is second nature for me to get up and introduce myself. As you listen to other people in the room I just think – haha – they didn’t have Rick encourage them and stumbled along.

As I consider the three areas of my business – Marketing, Accounting and Production, I have full confidence that the Marketing and Accounting section for growth has been taken care of – thanks to Universal Accounting.  All I need now is more strength in the Production section.

Thanks for keeping me accountable to – MYSELF – Rick.  I trust you will continue to encourage people to be the best that they can be.  Thank you for your help in giving me the confidence to promote something I actually did not know anything about a few months ago

Brian Hoiting

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