Roxee & Elizabeth


Over a year ago we were both out of work and contemplating starting our own bookkeeping business. With our combined experience of over 30 years we thought this would be a logical move on our part. While trying to figure out where to start, Roxee saw an advertisement for a FREE seminar on how to start a bookkeeping and accounting business. How’s that for timing?

Elizabeth being somewhat of a skeptic and knowing that there is very little in life for free; agreed to go but with the understanding that she was not buying anything. We went and were more interested in the bookkeeping training, just to fill in any blanks we may have since neither of us had any formal training, only many years of on the job. While listening to the presentation we felt that the training and guidance would be beneficial to accomplish what we wanted to do – Start our own Business! Even though Elizabeth felt she was being “sold” the feeling that this could be the program we needed to get a jump start (and some major convincing by Roxee), we went for it.

The Professional Bookkeeper training was helpful, but the marketing information is invaluable. We used the information and the proven marketing strategies for almost a year and gained a respectable number of monthly clients.

Again just when we needed a boost with new marketing strategies, we got a call from Universal Accounting introducing us to a new Master Coaching program. We listened to the “pitch “and even before we decided to go for it we were presented with some useful ideas that we still use effectively today.

Through our 12 weeks of Master Coaching by Scott McKinley we have become new people. We are sales and marketing experts for our own company. Scott got to know our personalities and what we can do to help turn our weaknesses into strengths and use everyday situations to market our business. We prepared and held our first “QuickBooks Reports for Business Owners” seminar – something we never saw ourselves doing prior to Master Coaching. We now feel that we have a great bag of “tools” at our disposal. A strong marketing plan for the next 6 months will help us meet the goals for monthly billings and the life we want to live.

We would recommend the Professional Bookkeeper Program, Practice Builder and most of all the Master Coaching Program to anyone – from new starters to long time bookkeepers. The information and confidence you gain is worth the price of admission.

Roxee A. & Elizabeth S.

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