Heather Weiler

The Master Coaching Program Helps Heather Weiler Launch a Successful Bookkeeping Practice

Heather Weiler had been working part-time for seven years as a bookkeeper for a graphic design firm when she decided it was time to take charge of her career. She wanted to run a bookkeeping practice from her home that would enable her to enjoy greater flexibility, spend more time with family and increase her income. But because her experience was in managing books for one industry, she decided more training was in order; she turned to Universal Accounting Center (UAC) for help.
The Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Program is specifically designed to help students master small-business accounting, which is not taught in the majority of other training and degree-based programs. Heather hand-picked this course for that reason as well as the fact that the video-based program enabled her to complete the training at her own pace. She explained, “The video training with UAC was great as I could go over a segment a few times if I needed to, and having someone explain how things work seemed to sink in better than reading it in a textbook. Also, I didn’t have to leave my house two nights a week to go out and do a course– I could do the work when it suited me, which worked really well with my work schedule and my family.”
Not only did the PB Program help Heather master small-business accounting, but it also taught her how to effectively market her practice. But being a bit more reserved, she struggled in the implementation of the marketing strategies she had learned; as a result, she decided to purchase Master Coaching as well, a program that pairs students with coaches who help them design a step-by-step plan to meet personal goals, identify potential obstacles and hurdle them.
Heather’s coach was Rick Howard, and the two immediately began to talk strategy regarding the successful launch of her practice. She said, “Rick always called promptly, and it was always pleasant to speak with him. Our sessions felt more like a conversation with an old friend who really wanted to help my business succeed, rather than being run through a checklist of ‘to-do’s’ by some executive who clearly didn’t want to be stuck dealing with such small scale business.”
Every week, for 12 weeks, Rick helped Heather implement the startup strategies she had learned in the PB program. She raved about her experience: “The PB training and the coaching program have changed my life. All the people I have dealt with at UAC are fantastic. They are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. They truly want to help people succeed in their own bookkeeping/accounting business. No matter what question I have asked, I have been treated with respect and have hung up the phone feeling empowered and excited to help small business owners gain control of their finances, which empowers the small business owners. It is a wonderful feeling to take what I know to help someone else and give them peace of mind about their business. I would recommend UAC to anyone who is thinking about starting their own bookkeeping business.”
Heather has since launched her own practice and was able to secure four clients in just six weeks! She credits Universal with providing her with all the necessary tools to launch a successful business.

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  1. rknecht says:

    Great to hear from you Rick!!

    Canada in June is WAY nicer than Canada in February!

    It is interesting to hear from you because it takes me back to when I started my business 3 years ago. So much has changed. Starting my own business is the best thing I have ever done. I have moved office space within my house, have hired my 14 year old to do data entry, and am in the process of renovating my new office space so I can add a desk for Kevin so we can both work at the same time and increase the amount of work he does for me. None of this would have happened without the gentle and reassuring help you provided me when I first started. All things being equal, I recently acquired a new account that has allowed me to reach my sales goal for the year. So far this year, I have almost doubled what I did in sales for the same time period in 2013. Once I get my office organized and get Kevin doing more work, I will be able to focus my efforts on achieving my sales goal for 2015. At the ladies networking meeting I have been going to for about 18 months, last meeting 2 ladies got up and spoke about how grateful they are to be working with me, so that was great to hear. I am still using Scott’s elevator speech and adding a new story each time, and another lady told me that I speak very well. People actually REMEMBER the story I told the month prior, and notice that I say the same thing every month, but add a story. I’m willing to bet that they don’t remember what the other ladies have said from month to month, generally speaking. How cool is that?! This is thanks to UAC and the incredibly valuable information I learned there.

    Anyway, I had better get back to work. Let me know the times and location of the London seminar and I’ll see if I can make that work.

    Thanks – have an amazing day!!

    Heather J. Weiler, CPB

  2. rknecht says:

    Hi Rick.

    I have an interesting update!! Last week I popped in on the accountant who did the tax return for one of my accounts, as he had asked to follow up with me. Well, I just came from there. He said he didn’t have to do any adjusting entries and was pleased with that (thanks to the PB program!!). At his request, I gave him some of my cards, the one our mutual client designed, and said he would let me know when he refers me to someone. I am totally blown away! I think he actually was trying to hire me to help out during tax time, or with bookkeeping clients that he has, but realized I’m busy with my own stuff at tax time so wouldn’t be able to help him with his.

    Can you beat that? You just never know what is going to happen. I can’t believe how much confidence I have after finishing the PB and coaching program, and when things like this happen, I only feel better and better about what I am doing. You do such a great job with that coaching program. Prior to my involvement with Universal Accounting, I had spent several years in an environment where I was treated like a stupid idiot. To have someone like you come along and be respectful and encouraging, even when I had silly questions and fears, was truly a life changing experience. I would like to model that same humility and attitude of service that you have consistently demonstrated in your work as a UA marketing coach.

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

    Heather J. Weiler

  3. rknecht says:

    Hi Rick.

    I can’t believe it is the beginning of March already. We have had a very mild winter with very little snow – probably the type of winter you are used to. I could SERIOUSLY get used to winters like this!

    Anyway, it is almost a year ago that I met with David Sherwood in Mississauga to talk about the coaching program. I am surprised at how much has changed since then.

    The lady who did the books at my place of work before I left there last May had an account here in Paris that she still handled. She moved a few hours north of here a couple of years ago so began to find the distance a bit challenging. So she introduced me to the business owner and we all went out for lunch to get to know each other better. Well, it has been a fairly seamless transition to taking on this new account. I sent my friend a gift to thank her for the referral. Then, the accountant this account was using became a source of contention, so they asked me if I knew a good accountant. I do!! I lovely gentleman I met at the networking meetings I have been going to. The funny part about that is this gentleman is a CMA, so I felt very intimidated by him. I decided not to cower in fear and asked (last summer…) if he would like to meet for coffee or something as I may come across clients who need an accountant to handle their year ends. Well, we ended up going out for lunch and he is a very helpful man. I called him right away and my new client is in the process of transferring their file to his office. This gentleman also runs a payroll service from his office, so another account I have that has a very messy weekly payroll has met with him and decided to use the payroll service, so that is great too!

    And it keeps getting better! Another account I have frequents a café in downtown Paris, and somehow they got talking about bookkeeping. My client referred me, and told me to go in there and meet the owner, which I did. I am in the process of quoting another new account.

    All of this is on 10 letters I sent and a networking group I attended. Thanks!!!

    A really neat thing is that one account I have restores old buildings. He does GREAT work, but his bookkeeping skills leave something to be desired. The govt has been after him about not having filed taxes from 2010, so I have fixed part of that equation and we are working together to fix the rest of it. He did some work on a building in Hamilton, a city between here and Toronto, and he was actually given an award by the City of Hamilton. He also recently had a ½ page article in the Globe and Mail (MAJOR newspaper) about his excellent work and since then his phone has been ringing off the hook. The numbers I have been giving him have shown him that he should include fuel prices in his quotes, as he spends a fair bit of time driving to job sites, and was blown away when I told him that one month he spent $450 in gas alone. It is very rewarding to be able to help people with their business and make decisions that will allow them to be more profitable.

    I am so very glad I came across Universal Accounting, and that you were able to help me through the coaching program. I love working from home and helping people with their bookkeeping needs. In fact, right now I’m so busy that I won’t even be able to take on any more work until some of these newer accounts are more streamlined.

    Oh, and let me know if you ever get the chance to come to Toronto. I would still like to meet the one who helped me launch this business. I don’t know that I could have done it without your help. Have an excellent day!!


  4. rknecht says:

    Hi Rick.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer – it sure is going fast!

    I had a lunch time networking meeting today – the same group(s) I have been going to since June. One of the co-organizers of the lunch group is a Toastmasters member, so he had a gentleman from Toastmasters come today to speak and allow us the chance to do some speeches (I forget what you call the ones where they give you a topic and you have to speak on it for 2 minutes).

    Anyway, I did my usual introduction, which is now the same one Scott used on the you tube video you sent me. I have been adding a “story” from my own experience, which I did again today. The toastmaster gentleman, when he got up to speak, said that I was the ONLY one who did that today, and that it is a good thing to do when developing an “elevator pitch” I believe he called it. Then, of course, I was one of the lucky 4 who were chosen to speak for 2 minutes on a topic they just handed me. So I did that, and again, I was the only one who spoke within the time frame he specified, which was between 1 and 2 minutes – everyone else spoke for less than one minute. So he said that if this had happened at a toastmasters meeting that I would have won the prize. I can’t begin to tell you how impossible it is for me to be doing this with even this small measure of success!! I know I could learn a LOT from Toastmasters, but it just doesn’t fit my schedule, and there is only one chapter in this area. The gentleman from TM who spoke was a “morning man” on radio for 14 years, and sold cars for 14 years – repeatedly with “salesman of the year” awards, so he is a great speaker and great with people. He said HE learns a lot from TM so I know it is a great thing. I do think I can make that work for me starting in February or so.

    I know these victories seem very trivial, but they are a huge deal to me. I know that things went well for me at the meeting today because of the UAC training I did with you. I feel like a different person now even compared to 6 months ago, and this totally blows me away. I am helping my clients to reduce taxes, increase profits and better manage their cash flow. I really am!! They ALL say how wonderful it is to have me helping them and that they are very appreciative of what I do for them. It feels really good to be good at something that helps people and that can earn me a living. And the bonus part is I actually ENJOY the networking! I thought I would hate it, but I am really enjoying it. I am really enjoying everything! And guess what else? My church asked me to be the Chair of the Finance Committee. This position will require me to speak to the congregation about the church’s finances, which is why I really hope things will open up so I can do TM in February. Better still, as the C of F, I am going to have my insurance “natural relationship” quote on the church insurance, (did I mention I used to be an insurance broker?) and my bank “natural relationship” quote on the banking needs. This gives me a good reason to contact them and show that I am sincere about wanting to refer business their way. It is all like magic how things are coming together so far, so I’m really looking forward to the next year.

    Better still, my boys like having me home. When I go to client/networking meetings, they ask me how it went. They come down to my office to show me their lego creations, we have lunch together. And guess what else? That maternity leave contract job I have 2 mornings a week is also going really well!! The boss there told me the other day that I am very valuable to him (I can do spreadsheets and figure things out) and that he is very pleased with my progress there. He has an extra project for me to work on next week and even offered me the opportunity to work on it from home!! I also have a second account there that I am working on, so that has been a fantastic learning experience as well. That contract ends in March, and I am NOT planning to stay. By then, I hope to be busy enough with more of my own clients that I won’t have time for that job. It has been a great learning experience and a few extra $$ while making this transition has been good too.

    I am so GLAD I discovered Universal Accounting’s PB and Marketing Coaching programs! My life is changed because of it. Ken is probably sick of me, but he still graciously and patiently answers all my questions.

    Have an excellent weekend!!


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