Desarie Anderson

This email is in response to a request to share my success story with potential Universal Accounting students. I would love to be a part of these seminars because I truly and genuinely believe in this program.

Before I took the Universal Accounting Bookkeeping program I was having a hard time finding a job. I graduated from Georgia State University at the top 5% of my class.

Because I was a non-traditional student, I decided not to take advantage of the internships that were available to accounting students during my senior year. I did not want to sit out a semester while working for a CPA firm. Consequently, after graduation I was having a hard time finding a job because I had absolutely no real world experience in the accounting field. Because I was unable to find a job, I decided to start my own accounting practice. The problem was I had no idea where to start or how to approach potential clients.

I received an email from Universal Accounting but had no idea how becoming a student would benefit me. After going to one of their seminars, as well as doing some research online regarding the reputation of the company, I decided to enroll. It was the best thing I did for my career. While I was studying for the Professional Bookkeepers certification I realized just how unclear I was about how the accounting system worked. I came to the conclusion that my college degree did a good job of giving me the pieces of how the entire accounting system worked, however, Universal Accounting put those pieces together in a way that made complete sense, thereby giving me the confidence to make the next move in my career.

I created my business in January 2011 before I enrolled in Universal Accounting but did not officially start seeking clients until June 2011 after I got my Bookkeeping and QuickBooks certifications. My education at Universal Accounting gave me the confidence I needed to approach potential clients. I was now able to tell potential clients how, as a bookkeeper/ accountant, I can help them with their financial needs.

Prior to taking this class I could not verbalize to myself let alone a client what I did and how it would benefit the clients business. In a matter of three months I have been able to secure four paying clients. In addition to my four clients, I am currently working part-time for a CPA doing the same thing I do for my clients. At the CPA firm, I am in charge of doing the books for approximately 12 clients. This includes new company start-ups through the entire bookkeeping cycle including payroll, sales tax reporting, quarterly tax payments and much more. I even help clients read and understand the financial reports that I create for them on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Prior to taking the professional bookkeeping class, I had gone on quite a few interviews with no luck. After taking Universals class I landed my current job instantly. I believe the difference was, in addition to having the QuickBooks and Bookkeeping certification on my resume, I was now able to confidently tell my boss what I did and how my skills could help grow his business. I would never have been able to be so confident in my abilities had I not taken the QuickBooks and Professional Bookkeeping class offered by Universal Accounting.

I have two more potential clients that I hope to sign in the month of September. That will bring my client list to six and growing. I finally feel like I have a promising future in the accounting world. Next stop “Professional Tax Preparer”

Desarie Anderson
Anderson Accounting

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  1. Choosy says:

    I’ve started my service over 12 months ago and am looking for my first client. I’m certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor but without experience nobody is wanting to become my client. I’m currently studying for the Enrolled Agent exam and have a tax job lined up next season. I just with I could get bookkeeping clients. I’m a PB also. I was told going door-to-door was very difficult and am not finding a job in the accounting/bookkeeping field either. I live in Denver

    • rknecht says:

      Hi There, thanks for reaching out. In the PB there are 12 marketing methods that you need to start with. I would suggest contacting your coach at UAC (800-343-4827) and getting some help to start right. 🙂

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