Paul Chinn

paulchinnPaul Chinn was a successful audit manager and accountant in Ventura County, California, but he felt something was missing. The company he worked for was so large, and many of his tasks too narrow that he didn’t often see and feel the positive results of his efforts.

“I wanted to focus on small business clients and tax preparation,” Chinn explained.

Chinn worked with small business before as an accounting software consultant in the 1990s.

“I spent all of my time installing and training people on the software, not doing marketing or sales,” he said about his past business. “If you don’t focus on marketing your business and obtaining new clients, you’re not going to be in business very long.”

Dissatisfied with the franchise option, Chinn then conducted some of his own research to determine what it would take for him to successfully launch and manage his own business. He discovered online resources from Universal Accounting® and soon attended one of their seminars in nearby Orange County.

The seminar inspired Chinn, and helped him believe he could launch an accounting-based service business on his own. He purchased a series of training products from Universal Accounting®, including the Professional Bookkeeper Program, Professional Tax Preparer and Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to Quickbooks DVD sets and educational manuals.

“The tax portion of the program took the longest for me to complete, because it is so comprehensive,” Chinn said. “But due to the depth of the Universal Accounting® materials I now feel very confident in tax preparation.”

Chinn is now a recognized Professional Tax Preparer, focusing on tax preparation services, and after just two months in business, he has more than 40 tax clients.

“Everybody needs to do taxes,” he said. “I’m targeting people who want to get their refund quickly.”

In addition to his Universal Accounting DVD workshop training programs, Chinn also attended the Universal Conference in Las Vegas, which provided students the skills needed to market their practice and to become a “Profit Expert” for clients. A Profit Expert is a financial advisor who has the skills of an accountant but also advises small businesses in controlling cash effectively, reducing and minimizing expenses and increasing revenue.

“I sit down with my clients and listen to them,” Chinn explained, outlining how his service delivers high-value to his clients. “It’s more than just entering in receipts & reconciling bank statements – I talk with clients about goals and objectives, and offer guidance from an accounting perspective to help them be successful.”

By helping small business find success and increase profits, Chinn feels he can make an impact in the community and local economy.

“I think the way we come out of a recession is through small business,” he said. “I look forward to helping more clients in my region develop sustainable companies over the years.”

After 2 months in business, Universal Accounting Student Paul Chinn has more 40 tax & 10 bookkeeping clients http://ualinks/51228

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