Susan Worthy

Susan discovered just how possible, and profitable, being a contract accountant can be.

Just two years ago, Susan Worthy had a secure position for a company working as the senior financial officer going on ten years. In that capacity she oversaw all financial transactions for 45 companies and partnerships, including 40 checking accounts in 5 different states. Unexpectedly, however, the business owner passed away, requiring the company’s immediate dissolution. Susan knew that once the estate was settled, she would be unemployed in a recessive market—a daunting prospect. At the recommendation of the estate accountant with whom she was working, Susan considered the possibility of becoming a contract accountant.

As luck would have it, Susan discovered a free informational seminar presented by Universal Accounting Center on launching a professional bookkeeping practice. She attended the seminar, and the more she heard, the more she was convinced that working as a freelance accountant was not only possible, but profitable. She purchased the Professional Bookkeeper Program that same day. Susan explains, “The course was just what I needed and walked me through industries in which I had not previously had experience. It refreshed everything that I needed to review relative to financial reports, journal entries, etc.”

Before she had even completed the course, Susan acquired her first client: the local chamber of commerce! Much to her surprise, the chamber was extremely active and required three full work days every week. Her contacts through the chamber have enabled her to secure even more clients, although she’s becoming nearly too busy to accept more. Susan describes her varied client roster: “For some of them I go to their location to do the bookkeeping. For some of them I pick up their information and do everything here at my home. I even have a couple of clients for whom I am their ‘trainer.’ In each case they have QuickBooks on their own computer but don’t really know how to use it most effectively. I go to them and train them not only in how to enter the data, but more importantly, how to read their financial statements and understand what those reports tell them about the health and work flow of their business.”

Even though she had already secured her first client, it was important for Susan to earn her Professional Bookkeeper certification which is secured upon completing the course and receiving a score of 90% of higher on the final exam. Because she was so busy, she had to schedule two days of vacation in order to study and take the test; she scored 98%. Susan was happy to add the PB designation to her title.

In addition to the instructional value offered by the Professional Bookkeeper Program, Susan has found UAC’s course support to be phenomenal. She recollects, “The support service at UAC has been extremely valuable to me throughout this whole process. There have been a number of times that I have had an issue with which I needed help. It has been so great to know that I can just shoot them the question and they are there to help me resolve the issue. I am able to gain confidence in what I do as each day passes because of the training and support that I have received from UAC over this last year.”

Just two years ago Susan couldn’t have imagined how successful she would become as a contract accountant. She explains, “I love what I am doing now. I especially enjoy the variety of work that I do after having worked in one industry for so long… I have found that when someone contracts with you as an independent agent, they listen to you differently than they do if you are an employee. Being my own boss is wonderful!”

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