Shawn Smith

I wanted to share some experiences with you since we began working together in the Master Coaching Program.  We have been meeting for about 3 weeks and I must say that I have enjoyed the entire process so far.  When I decided to take action and start the coaching program, money was very tight for me but I knew the importance of having support and guidance.  I work a 40 hour per week job and many might think that it would leave little time for marketing my bookkeeping and tax practice.  What I have found is that it is not how much you do, but that you plan to do something, commit to it, and keep your commitment to yourself. 

I have never been involved in networking groups and really have never needed to market a business as I worked for large corporations for many years.  I told myself to stick to the principles that are outlined in module IV and I have seen tremendous progress.  I set realistic goals with your help and focused on the daily “wins”, not just the number of clients I have. 

Well, as we talked about, I attended one networking meeting, introduced myself as we practiced and I was swarmed with contacts wanting to talk with me about my services, ultimately making two presentations with the Accounting for Profit and Growth binder and signing on two clients.  Within the same week, I worked on a press release with you and sent it to a local newspaper.  Shortly after, I received a call from the most well known CPA in town who loved my press release and wanted to know how I got it in the paper.  She also asked me what I charged to do bookkeeping work because she did not want to do bookkeeping and had clients who needed it.  I discussed with her how I came up with my fees and she loved it and wants meet with me and work with me.  In addition I found she is a member of my church.  One of the contacts from my new networking group also asked if I would come to a luncheon and possibly volunteer with her adoption agency,  there I made several business contacts and another CPA who stated she has business now that she can give me and we will also be meeting to discuss working together.

Sorry that was so long.

The moral of the story.  If you do nothing, you get nothing.  If you try and do too much you get overwhelmed.  If you follow a plan using the principles outlined in the book, you will make progress each week, and you may even have more work than you expect.  I started at zero clients and in three short weeks have secured two.  In addition, I have started to fill my pipeline with candidates for my business. Although I made the decision to start the coaching, I believe that the collaboration with you Scott helps me to break down any reservations I have about the strategies and actions we develop, and gives me confidence to do the most important thing to succeed-Take Action!

Shawn J. Smith, PB, PTP, QS

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