Professional Tax Preparer

Professional Tax Preparer™ lady Many professions use designations to identify their areas of expertise. In the medical field, there are pediatricians, dermatologists, surgeons, and many more who can claim an area in which they specialize, providing quality service while doing something that they love. In accounting, the Professional Tax Preparer™ certification represents a person who is proficient in tax planning and the preparation of taxes and for individual businesses. This designation demonstrates the accountant’s expertise and commitment in this profession while providing quality service for their employer or client.

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Our Professional Tax Preparer certification course is the only distance learning tax course approved by the NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy). You will learn to prepare both individual tax returns and business tax returns. An average preparer’s fee for the individual return is $246.00 and takes 1-2 hours. The average fee for the business (Corporate, LLC) is $700-$1200 and takes 3-5 hours. The Universal Accounting course prepares our students to sit for the I.R.S. Registered Tax Preparer exams and the Enrolled Agent exam. The course is CTEC approved in the State of California. At the completion of each module, you will take practice exams. When you are comfortable with your scores, you will call into your coach and we will have you access the online test site and take your certification exams. With a passing score of 90%, you receive certification and can use the ‘PTP’ designation on your business card and website. Even though 88% of our students pass on the first try, if you need to re-take the exam, you will be allowed to take a repeat test with no additional charges. Your course will teach you how to qualify for your PTIN and EFIN and teach you everything you need to know in order to comply with the Federal Government requirements.

Module I Getting Started
Wages, Salaries, & Tips
Schedule B – Interest/Dividend Income
Schedule C-EZ and Schedule F
Schedule D-Capitol Gain (or Loss)
Retirement Income
Schedule E – Income (or Loss) from Rental Property/Royalties/partnerships/S Corporations/Trusts
Other Types of Income
Occupational Adjustments
Educational and Personal Adjustments

Module II Becoming the 1040 Expert
Standard vs. Itemized deductions – Part A: Medical/Taxes
Schedule A – Part B: Int/Char/Theft
Schedule A – Part C: Job/Misc.
Calculating the Tax
Non-Refundable Credits – Part A
Non-Refundable Credits – Part B
Other Taxes
Payments & Refundable Credits
Closing the Return

Module III Profitable Business Returns
Business Entities
Tax Elements in Accounting
Financial Components
Dispositions of Business Property
Schedule C
Form 1065
Form 1120
Form 1120S

Module IV Ethics and Building Your Successful Tax Practice
Getting started Right
Effective marketing
Comfortable Interviewing Techniques
Profitable Fee Calculations
Always the Expert Preparer
Expectations from the IRS in servicing taxpayer clients, IRS regulations and Ethics as well as a review for the Enrolled Agent Exam.
Building your successful tax practice. Marketing methods to get clients and retain them for years to come.

Upon completion of this course, you will take several practice exams. Then you will go online and take your final exam. A passing grade of 90% or higher, certifies you as a ‘PTP’, Professional Tax Preparer. You are now certified to prepare individual and business tax returns.

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