Achievable, Profitable & Easy

Being one of the “Best of the Best” home-based businesses to start and build Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax have many advantages. Learn why this is worth pursuing and what to do to succeed.

Often when starting a business there are a number of questions that we ask ourselves. Understand the marketing for accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. Learn what you can expect as you start and build your accounting practice.

pb logoThe Professional Bookkeeper program is simply the most achievable, profitable and easy way of starting what many experts call, “the best of the best home-based businesses.”  With it you will be certified as a Professional Bookkeeper, PB, proficient in the day-to-day practical application of accounting skills within small business.
Untitled-2Because of the modern use of accounting software in the business world today it only stands to reason that any practicing bookkeeper master the use of QuickBooks.  With the Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks you are able to certify your skills with the accounting software as a , QS thus dramatically improving your ability to acquire and retain your clients.
upb-300x300There is no better way to market your accounting services then they techniques found in The Universal Practice Builder.  Since 1979 Universal has tested and proven marketing programs that work and those that produce time and time again have been collected into this program.  Imagine proven marketing programs that are both inexpensive but effective.
desPTPBecause of the current regulations now appearing within the tax profession it is the right time to certify your tax skills with the Professional Tax Preparer program. When offering accounting services for your clients their is no better additional service than to provide tax advice and preparation.  As a certified Professional Tax Preparer you are skilled in the preparation of individual and tax returns.
Working with small business owners often involves giving accounting information to individuals who struggle to understand the information. Becoming a Profit and Growth Expert enables you to communicate the accounting information in a way that a business owner can understand and use in the day to day operations. Understanding what the accounting information says about a business empowers the owner to make more informed decisions. Become for your clients a Profit and Growth Expert.

At Universal Accounting Center, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and current accounting, bookkeeping and tax training available.  As a Universal student you may request an individual consultation with any member of the faculty to answer your questions at no additional charge to you.
MC-logoWe are committed to training you in the most accurate and current accounting and tax information. We update our instruction materials regularly to ensure that you receive proper training in techniques and methods presently standardized in the industry. Finally, we are committed to your continued satisfaction and offer you a complete refund of any tuition fees paid if at the end of the course you are not totally satisfied.
I invite you to join an ever-increasing force of satisfied and confidant graduates of the Universal Accounting Center.
Roger K
Roger Knecht
President, Universal Accounting

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  1. Tom Endres says:

    I would like to hear the price of it.

  2. rknecht says:

    Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes Magazine have all stated and agree: One of the Top Businesses Still Thriving Today is Accounting. Even with the current economy the accounting business is booming. Please learn more below:

    Inc. Magazine says, “According to recent data from Sageworks, private accounting firms have seen a 20.9 percent growth in profit over the last 12 months.” They also highlight the facts that Profit Margins are high and there are many opportunities for start-ups in this business.

    Entrepreneur Magazine says that accounting is the #1 Top Consulting Businesses Thriving Today. “Accounting is something that every business needs, no matter how large or small. Accounting consultants can help a business with all of its financial needs.”

    Forbes Magazine has been saying it for years, the #1 Most Profitable Business to Start is an Accounting Services Business. They say there are three reasons for this: “pricing power (everybody needs accountants, no matter how the economy is doing), low overhead and marketing scale, thanks to plenty of repeat clients.

  3. rknecht says:

    Within the accounting profession there are many directions you can take. When working with small businesses what is your specialty?

  4. rknecht says:

    Like most professions there are many areas to specialize and accounting is no different. It’s more than just the titles of Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer. It’s industry, certification, education. When choosing to work with small businesses, more than 90% of the economy, there are certain designations that represent that emphasis such as a Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, QuickBooks Specialist, QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

    Who are you? What do you do in your accounting career?

    How can you become a Profit and Growth Expert?